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F-999R - -Flagship Model--

After several refinements, F-999R reached to the stage of maturation. Operation is very simple but its performance is overwhelming. F-999R's quality is accepted by Japanese lawenfocement agency.


1. Heavey weight brass contact microphone. This mic
    has highly sensitive capacitor micrphone insde.

2. Sound Filter is on board. You can select the
    bandpass you want to listen emphatically.
    For example, if you select band-3 by selector,
    F-999R amplifies human voice mainly.

3. Sound Limitter is on board. Sound limitter
    protect your ears from the damage caused by
    sudden big sound and noise. F-999R lowers
    the volume temporarily when a big sound
   come in.

Caution: This is not water proof.
Do not scratch the wall with contact microphone.
It damages the pin of contact micophone.

 Product Name F-999R
 Size Amplifier 64 x 22 x 98mm, Microphone Ø36 x 30mm, Cord Length 1(1.5)m
 Weight Amplifier 284g, Microphone 119g
Power Supply 006P9V x 1
 Battery Life 50hrs (alkaline)
Input Ø3.5mm mono (mic)
Output Ø3.5mm stereo (ear), Ø3.5mm mono (rec)
Output Power Normal 25mA, Max 60mA
Other Functions sound filter, sound limiter
Accessories Contact MIC guard plate, MIC extension cord, Contact MIC adhesive tape, Stereo Earphones.

Super Sensitive Wall
Contact Microphone
-Needle-less Flat Mic. Type-