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NS-1300 -Night Camera-

NS-1300 is a supersensitive night camera. It has strong sensitivity to the range between 770 - 1300nm <*1>. Because of this high sensitivity, NS-1300 is capable of monitoring in the darkness without any light sources. We recommend our NS-1300 for your night surveillance.

<*1> Sensitivity of normal B/W camera is maximumly 1000nm.


1. High sensitivity to the wide IR range (from 700 to 1300nm)
2. Monocular design, LED viewer is inside of the eye piece
3. Optical CCTV lens with 11 magnification

Caution: NS-1300 is not water proof.

Please take a look at the following images. They are the comparative test results of NS-1300 and EX-View<*2>.
Both cameras have 0.0003lux. EX-View has done a good job but NS-1300 has brighter images.
<*2> No light sources were used during this test. But there were a few week street lamps further away.

■NS-1300 with Varifocal 5-55mm lens (50m)
NS-1300 captured a man's back who's at the end of pass.

■EX-View with 50mm lens (50m)

■NS-1300 with Varifocal 5-55mm lens (100m)
NS-1300 shows the image of a pass runing ahead.

■EX-View with 50mm lens (100m)

■The place of testing.
Test was done at the river side. Time was 21:00. It was hard to walk without light. (This picture was taken by digital camera)

■The graph of curve of sensitivity
NS-1300 has higher sensitivity than other brand through the whole range.
 Product Name Night Camera NS-1300
 Effective Infrared Band 770 - 1300nm
 Minimum Lux 0.0003Lux [F1.2] 
 CCD Sensor 1/3" CCD Image Sensor 
 TV system NTSC
 Total Number of Pixels 811 [H] x 508 [V] 
 Horizontal Resolution 600TV Line
Video Output 1.0Vpp 75Ω
 S/N Ratio 60dB
White Balance Digital Automatic Tracking
Electric Shutter 1/60 - 1/120,000sec.
Operating Temperature -10º to 50ºC
 Power Supply  AA Alkaline Battery x 6pcs
Battery Life 2 hours (AA Alkaline Battery x 6pcs) 
Size 88 (W) x 60 (H) x 250.5(D) mm
Weight 691g

Infrared Illuminator
-Range 5m (Red light invisible-

Infrared Illuminator
-Range 20m (Red light

Infrared Illuminator
-Range 10m (Red light
almost invisible-