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BTT-900 Curl Cord Transmitter
BTT-900 is long term curl cord transmitter. Transmitter box is separated to maintain the flexibility of curl cord and prolong battery life. BTT-900 is used in combination with UCR-120GX for automatic recording.


1. Long battery life. Comparing to BTT-720, BTT-900 has ten times longer battery life.

2. Easy installation. Curl cord is set like BTT-720 and place transmitter box behind desk.

* BTT series are set between telephone main body and receiver. The current on this part is lower than that of telephoneline. So batteries are required to activate transmitter.

UCR-120GX: UHF Automatic Receiving Recorder.

 Product Name BTT-900
 Size Transmitter Box 45 x 65 x 25mm / Curl Cord 33cm / Box-Curl Cord Cable 70cm
 Weight 87g(with batteries)
 Power Supply AA type x 2
 Battery Life approx. 77 hours(alkaline) / 38 hours(manganese)
 Available Channels UHF-A, UHF-B, UHF-C
 D/E/F Channel Not Available
 P/Q Channel Not Available
Average Transmitting Ragne
( Cities - Suburbs / At line of sight)
Output Power 7mW
Receiver UZ-10, UZ-10HX, UZ-100M, USP-100, USS-100, SNB-100, UCR500FX, UCR-120GX

Modular Connector Transmitter
for TEL Monitoring

Modular Connector Transmitter
for TEL Monitoring

Clip Type Transmitter
for TEL Monitoring

Clip Type Transmitter
for TEL Monitoring