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UPX-50 Long Range Transmitter

UPX-50 is a small saize high power transmitter. Using same
module of UPX-40, its transmitting range is about 2times longer
than other transmitters (average 150 to 200m at line of sight).
You can use various power source like 9V 006P battery,
AC adapter and 9V battery pack.


1. Small Size

2. Long transmitting range.

3. Many kind of power sourse.

Caution: This is not water proof.

 Product Name UPX-50
 Size 20 x 40 (41) x 10.5 (13) mm
 Weight 10g (with alkaline batteries)
Antenna Ø3 x 220mm, 3g
 Power Supply "006P9V" (6F22/6LR61) battery x 1, 9V battery pack (LR6 x 6) x 1, DC 9V adaptor
 Battery Life Approx. 40h (6LR61) x 1, Approx. 160h (D-9 x 1), 320h
(D-9 x 2)
 Available Channels UHF-A, UHF-B, UHF-C
 D/E/F Channel Not Available
 P/Q Channel Not Available
 Mic. Effective Range 15m from center
 Average Transmitting Range
( Cities - Suburbs / At line of sight)
200 - 400m
Output Power 10mW
Receiver UZ-10, UZ-10HX, UZ-100M, USP-100, USS-100, SNB-100, UCR500FX

Long Term Transmitter
for Room Monitoring

Long Term Transmitter
for Room Monitoring

3ch Receiver(UHF-A,B,C)
-with DC9V input-

3ch Receiver(UHF-A,B,C)
Standard Model