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Standard Type -Flat Mic Model with a Neodymium Magnet built-in-

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MW-25F is another standard model composed of a magnetic flat mic. The flat mic has a strong neodymium magnet built inside. When a subject of investigation is made of magnetic substance, MW-25F's mic stick to them and fixed very firmly. That makes your both hands free. The structure of the flat mic is besed on the MIC-MW25 that provides the same high sensitivity.

Mic of MW-25F has strong neodymium magnet inside. Neodymium mic is very strong.
Please read [Warning] before you use MW-25F. We will not be responsible for any damage,
injury, loss happend during the operation of MW-25F.
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  • High Sensitivity Mic
  • MW-25F is positioned lower end model but its mic has high sensitivity.
  • Reparable Mic
  • Mic of MW-25F(MIC-MW25F) is reparable.
  • Neodymium Magnet Built-in
  • Mic of MW-25F has neodymium magnet inside. When a subjet of investigation is made of magnetic substance mic stick to them and fixed very firmly.
  • Compatibility with MW-25
  • MW-25F and MW-25 use the same amp. So when you have MW-25 then you can purchase MIC-MW25F to save some cost.
  • Audio Output
  • MW-25F has an audio output. You can make recording by connecting MW-25F and recording device like a IC recorder.Recording cable is not bundled. Use audio cable which has monoΦ3.5mm mini plug at the both ends.

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1.Person who has cardiac pace maker in his or her body cannot use this device.
Please donot use this device. And please do not use this device near the any people
who have cardiac pace maker in their body.

2.Keep MW-25F away from children. Do not let children touch this device.

3.Neodymium magnet has a strong magnetic power. That means a strong suction force generated
between neodymium magnet and magnetic substance. Be careful not your finger get hurt
by being sandwitched by the mic of MW-25F and magnet substance.

4.Do not place MW-25F near to magnetic card or magnetic recording device. That might break
or damage the magnetic card and magnetic recording device. Do not place MW-25F near to any
memory devices like SD card, SSD or HDD.

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Product Name MW-25F
Dimensions Amp:70(85)×55×21mm、Mic:Φ32×19mm、Mic cable:95cm
Weight Amp:116g、Mic:82g
Power Source 006P DC9V Battery
Battery Life 50hrs(by Alkaline battery)
In&Output Mic Input monoΦ2.5mm minimini jack×1
Earphone Output stereoΦ3.5mm mini jack×1
REC Output monoΦ3.5mm mini jack×1

Note:Avobe design and specifications are subject to change without notice due to product improvement.

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MW-25Amp、MIC-MW25F、006P DC9V Battery、Stereo Earphones
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