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Standard Type with IC Recorder -High Sensitivity Model-

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MW-55 is wall contact microphone with IC recorder built inside. Voice and sound information picked up by contact microphone will be recorded and stored in inner 4GB memory card. By one time fully charge its battery lasts more than 10 hours.
  1. Sensitive silver contact microphone which overwhelming high-end models.
  2. Easy operation.
  3. IC recorder function.
Caution: This is not water proof. Do not scratch the wall with contact microphone. It damages the pin of contact micophone.


Product Name MW-55
Size Amplifier 87 x 66 x 23mm, Microphone Φ32 x 19mm, Cord Length 1m
Weight Amplifier 124g, Microphone 48g
Power Supply Lithium-ion battery 3.6V 500mAh
Charging time 3hrs
Battery Life 15hrs
File Format MP3
Built-in Memory 4GB
Input Φ2.5mm mono (mic)
Output Φ3.5mm stereo (ear), USB
Accessories Stereo Earphones,USB Earphones,USB Cable