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EQ-10 is an unipue wall contact microphone system which has equalizer function. You can cut or enhance the level ot five different frequency bands within the range of ±10dB by controlling equalizing control nobs. EQ-10 is also equipped with sound limiter which protects your ears from a sudden big output volume.


Equalizer function
You can control the five different frequency bands (100Hz, 340Hz, 1kHz, 3.4kHz, 10kHz) by controlling five different nobs. Each band can be adjusted individually according to your needs like cutting non-objective sound or enhancing objecting sound.
Sound Limiter
Sound limiter protects your ears from the sudden big output. It turns down the volume automatically when amplifier outputs a big sound. Volume automatically get back to normal level in a second.
Needle-less Flat Contact Mic
EQ-10 is composed of main amp unit and exclusive flat contact microphone. The flat contact microphone has high enduarance and it is almost maintenance free.
Hi-Fi Audio output (Φ3.5mm)
You can connect EQ-10 with your IC recorder by using stereo audio cable (Option) and record sound information to it.


Product Name EQ-10
Sound limiter Yes
Equalizer function Yes
Frequency band 5 bands
Center frequency 100Hz, 340Hz, 1kHz, 3.4kHz, 10kHz
Band level control range ±10dB
Power Supply "AA" (R6P / LR6) type battery (1.5V) x 4
Battery Life approx. 75 hours by alkaline batteries
Input Φ3.5mm mono (mic)
Output Φ3.5mm stereo (ear), Φ3.5mm stereo (rec)


EQ-10, Contact mic, Seteo earphone, "AA" alkaline battery x 4(Loaded in advance)