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Super sensitive type -IC recorder built-in -

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FL-1000 is the flag ship model equipped with a brass made highly sensitive contact microphone. This time IC recorder function newly built-in. Now, check the feature.


Higly sensitive brass made contact mic.
FL-1000's contact mic is composed of machined out brass metal housing and a needle. The needle picks up sounds which coming through the walls, pillars and pipes as vibration. And FET built inside amplifies the collected sound informaiton and sent them out to the FL-1000's amp(main body).
Sound Limiter
Sound limiter protects your ears from the sudden big output. It turns down the volume automatically when amplifier outputs a big sound. Volume automatically get back to normal level in a second.
Sound Filter
Sound filter extracts a specific range of frequency from the sound picked up by contact mic. For example, when it is set to “HC” FL-1000 cuts high frequency and emphasizes low frequency.
TH Through
HC Cut high frequency
LC Cut Low frequency
ME Cut sound except for human voice
Rechargable battery
FL-1000 carrys rechargable battery. The 550mAh rechargable battery lasts 15hours. When you use only contact mic function, battery life is nearlly 50 hours. Charging time is 2.5 hours.
IC recorder built-in
FL-1000 has IC recorder built inside. Memory capacity is 4GB and it can store 70 hours data (※). You can move the data to PC by connecting it with FL-1000 by USB cable.
※Total capacity is subject to change under the various condition.

Handle contact mic very carefully. When you place contact mic to a wall please place it to the surface of wall very gently. When you move the contact mic on a wall, be careful not to scratch the wall. It will break a needle of contact mic. Please handle it as if you are handling a stethoscope.


Product Name FL-1000
Size Amplifier 111 x 64 x 24mm, Microphone Φ33 x 29mm, Cord Length 90cm
Weight Amplifier 176.5g, Microphone 136g
Power Supply Lithium-ion battery 3.7V 500mAh
Charging time 2.5hrs
Battery Life 15hrs
File Format MP3
Built-in Memory 4GB
Input Φ3.5mm mono (mic)
Output Φ3.5mm stereo (ear), USB
Accessories Stereo Earphones,USB Earphones,USB Cable


FL-1000, Contact mic, Seteo earphone, USB Earphones, USB Cable, Double sided tape