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High Sensitivity / Dual Flat Mic

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FL-330 is another unique model which equipped with a pin-less doulble faced flat contact mic.


  • Robust Design
  • The mic of FL-330 does not have a needle. Because there is no needle so you do not need to worrying about breaking it. Robust design endures rough use.
  • Doubble Faced Mic
  • The mic of the FL-330 has two different contact surfaces.One of them is a regular side which picks up the wide range of frequency that contains a large information volume. Another side is a reverse side which picks up human voice mainly.

  • REC Output For IC Recorder
  • REC output of FL-330 is pecially tuned to input level of IC recorder.

  • Extension Mic Cable
  • Mic extension cables are available in 3 different length from 3m, 5m, 20m.
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Product Name FL-330
Power Source 006P9V x 1
Battery Life 50hrs(Alkaline Battery)
Input & Output Mic Input (mono)Φ3.5mm mini x 1
Earphone Output (Stereo)Φ3.5mm mini x 1
REC Output for IC RecorderΦ3.5mm mini x 1
Dimensions Amplifier 76(85) x 56 x 21mm, Microphone Φ31 x 24mm, Cord Length 95cm
Weight Amplifier 134g, Microphone 63g

Notice: The design and specification are subject to change due to improvement.

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FL-330 Amp, Contact Mic(MIC-FL330), Stereo Earphones, 006P9V battery(Installed)

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