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3ch Receiver(UHF-A,B,C)-with DC9V input

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  • A tough metal body and high durability receiver circuit. The robust design is usable for a long time.
  • DC9V input is built in. Optional DC9V AC adapter is available(Plug = type A).
  • Easy operation. Just attach antenna and earphone, select receiving channel and power on. It works.
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Product Name UZ-10
Dimensions Main body 56 x 21 x 83(99)mm
Antenna Ø10 x 190mm
Weight 159g(Including battery)
Antenna 8g
Power Source 006P9V battery x 1
Battry Life Approx.30hrs(by Alkaline battery)
Receiving Channel UHF-A, UHF-B, UHF-C
In & Output Antenna input : SMA
Earphone output(EAR) : Ø3.5mm Mono mini jack
Rec output(REC) : Ø2.5mm Mono minimini jack
DC9V input(DC9V) : Ø2.5mm Mono minimini jack
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UZ-10, Antenna, Earphone, φ2.5mm⇔φ3.5mm mono recording cable

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Optional Item

UZ-10 AC adapter(plug = type A)

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