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IC Recorder built-in UHF 3ch Receiver

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UZ-10R is IC recorder built-in version of UZ-10. It receives UHF-A,B and C channel.
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  • IC Recorder built-in
  • IC recorder built-in. You can record what you receive to UZ-10R directly. More compact and more useful.
    ※UZ-10R records only what it receives. Recording level is constant.
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Recahrgeable battery built-in. UZ-10R keeps recording 11hrs after fully charged. It works more than 20hrs without using recording function.
  • USB Output
  • You can connect UZ-10R to your PC for back up important data.
  • You Can Play & Delete without PC
  • You can play and delete the recorded files on UZ-10R.
    No need to open up your PC.

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Product Name UZ-10R
Power Source DC3.7V 500mAh Lithium Battery
Charging Time 3~3.5hrs
※Do not use quick charger. It might damage the battery.
Battery Life Approx. 11hrs (When receiver and IC recorder are working at the same time.)
Approx. 20hrs (When only receiver are working.)
※File generated every 30 minutes.
File Format MP3
Memory Size 4GB (Stores 70hurs audio data in total.)
In&Outpu Earphone output mono Φ3.5mm mini jack x 1
USB output x 1
Dimensions Main Body 87 x 66 x 23mm / Antenna 18cm
Weight Main Body 149g / Antenna 10g
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UZ-10, Antenna, Earphone for receiver, Earphones for IC recorder (USB), USB cable, DC5V AC adapter(Type A)
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