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LL-1 -9V Battery Type-
LL-1 -12V AC Type-

Wired Remote Microphone


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LL-1 is the high-end compact wall contact microphone. Victor's high grade earphone included.
  1. Black aluminum contact microphone.
  2. Easy operation.
Caution: This is not water proof. Do not scratch the wall with contact microphone. It damages the pin of contact micophone.


Product Name LL-1
Size 22 x 64 x98(112 ), Microphon Φ7mm x 25m
Weight 148g, Microphone 28g
Power Supply 006P9V x 1
Battery Life 70hrs (alkaline)
Input Φ2.5mm mono (mic)
Output Φ2.5mm mono (ear), Φ2.5mm mono (rec)