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-Infrared Illuminator-

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C-Light is a new compact infrared illuminator. Power souces is selectable from alkaline AA battery or AC adapter. The illuminating range is 4m, the shortest among our IR illuminatorsl
  1. Compact design.
  2. Invisible LED.
  3. Dual power supply.
Caution: C-Light is not water proof.
Caution: C-Light has a little heat when it is working.Please keep it away from your body to avoid burn.


Product Name C-LIGHT
Size 76 x 39 x 81mm
Weight 317g (Including AA battery x 2pcs)
Power Supply AA battery x 2pcs or DC12V AC adapter (Option) Φ2.0mm center plus
Battery Life 29h (Alkaline AA x 2pcs)
Illuminating Range 5m
LED Wave Length 780 - 1020nm (Peak: 940nm)