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1080p Drinking Lid DVR with Wi-Fi function

Over View

PC-550W is digital video camera camouflaged as a drinking lid of coffee cup. Sophiscated design has very high secrecy and melt into various situation. Comparing to previous model, total quality and performance are widely upgraded. Resolution is upgraded to FullHD, battey life is prolonged to 3hrs (50% longer than previous model) and so on. PC-550W also has Wi-Fi module now. You can connect to PC-550W by your smartphone and monitor the view angle at real time.
※Do not pore any liquid in the cup. When the device damaged due to liquid in a cup, we cannot repair in the worst case.

Function & Characteristics

Wi-Fi Communication
You can communicate with PC-550W by your smartphone. Once your phone is connected, you can do various setting (Resolution, fps, time- setting, etc). You can also check view angle and give a command the device to start recording.
Preview screen List of video data Setting menu
Long Battery Life
PC-550W carrys 1400mA polymer battery which support continuous 3hrs recording time.
※Battery life changes due to the environment PC-550W operated.
Picture Quality
Equipped with 5MP CMOS image sensor, PC-550W records crime scene with high definition picture quality.
Process to start recording is very simple. Press Power on button and PC-550W starts recording. Only one step. Easy operation and quick response support you in the investigation field.
Its perfectly camouflaged design melts into various situation. You can leave it on a table, carry it on your hands, you name it.
PC-550W also records audio in PCM format.
Vibration tells you about the status or your PC-550W. When camouflage cap is on, you cannot see status idicator LED but vibration helps you to understand in which status the PC-550W is in without checking the LED.
Power button Response of vib and LED Status of PC-550W
Press power on button long when PC-550W is off Vibration works one time. Blue and red LED turn on Power is on and start recording
Press power button short during recording Vibration works two times. Orange LED turns on Recording & Wi-Fi is on
Press power long when PC-550W is on Vibration works two times. Blue LED and red LED turn off Power is off.
※You can also turn off the vibration.
Times stamp: Timestamp insert time information to the video.

Sample Movie

Resolution 1080p
FPS 30fps

  1. Under the fluorescent light, picture might have flicker but this is normal.
  2. This sample movie was convered for website. So picture quality is slightly different from original one. Original data is availabe in here >>donwload



Product name PC-550W
OS Windows 7/8/10
Video Codec H.264 / MOV
Sensor 5MP 1/3 Digital CMOS sensor
Resolution / FPS 1080p(30fps) / 720p(30fps/60fps) / WVGA(30fps/60fps)
Photo resolution 2592×1944
Lens f4mm / F3.2
View Angle 60 degree
Minimum Lux 3.3Lux (F2.0)
Recording time (Battery life) 1080p Wi-Fi On : Approx. 3hrs / Wi-Fi Off : 3.5hrs
Memory microSDHC card (Max 32GB)
Power source / Charging Time Rechargable battery 3.7V/1400mA / Approx.3hrs
Input & Output microUSB x 1
Demension & Weight 19(H)×93(W)×93(D)mm/101g
  1. PC-550W cannot take photo by pressing button. You may need take photo by using APP.
  2. Battery life changes under the various condition.
  3. microUSB is for charging and moving data to PC. Do not use it as removable disk.
  4. Use regular player soft for playing video data. When you see video is not played smoothly update the player soft or use another player soft.
  • Do not pore any liquid to the cup. Once PC-550W damaged by liquid it might be difficult to repair.
  • Recording device has heat when it is running. Do not press the device to your bare skin.
  • Do not wrap up the device. When you put the device in something be sure the device can release the heat enough.


PC-550W, microSDHC card 16GB, USB cable, cup x 2pcs, manual x 2


  • Please read manual before you use the device.
  • Design will be subject to change without notice.
  • Reproduction or appropriation of all images and photographs from this site is prohibited.