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Long Term Transmitter with 3m cable MIC

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ULX-40L is UHF audio transmitter with 3m length external microphone. You can set microphone close to the target and place main body near windows to obtain stable reception. It keeps working for 420h with two alkaline batteries. We recommend you this cost-effective and reliable transmitter.

  1. Long Battery Life (420h by Alkaline x 2).
  2. Easy Operation.
  3. Break proof design.
Caution: This is not water proof. Do not put it in the water.


Product Name ULX-40L
Size Body:31 x 73 x 18mm
Antenna:Ø2 x 215mm
Mic:Φ7mm capacitor mic with 3m cable.
10m cable type is available by order (Optional item)
Weight Body 114g
Antenna 3.5g
Mic 22g
Power Supply "AA" (R6P / LR6) type battery (1.5V) x 2
Battery Life Approx.420h
Available Channels UHF-A, UHF-B, UHF-C
D/E/F Channel Not Available
P/Q Channel Not Available