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-Night Camera-


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NS-1400 is a compact size night camera with a NS-1300's supersensitive image sensor on board, It has strong sensitivity to the infrared range between 770 - 1300nm <*1>. NS-1400 is capable of monitoring in the darkness without light sources because it obtains the infrared light existing in natural world. <*1> Sensitivity of normal B/W camera is maximumly 1000nm.
  1. Sensitive to the wide IR range (from 700 to 1300nm)
  2. Compact size (52 x 51 x 29mm)
  3. Can be connected to various kind of recorders
Caution: NS-1400 is not water proof.


Product Name NS-1400
Effective Infrared Band 770 - 1300nm
Minimum Lux 0.0003Lux [F1.2]
TV system NTSC
Horizontal Resolution 600TV Line
Size 52 (W) x 51 (H) x 29(D) mm
Weight 145g
Electric Shutter 1/60 - 1/120,000sec.
暗所赤外線フィルター波長 940nm