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Main Module Transmitter for Room Monitoring

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U-110CHIBI uses AC current for power source. Once it is installed in electric lines U-110CHIBI starts working and keep transmitting semipermanently.
  1. Small body. Easily concealed.
  2. Semipermanent transmission.
  3. 220V type (U-220CHIBI) and 110V type (U-110CHIBI) are available.


Product Name U-110CHIBI
Size 13.5 x 17 x 43mm / Clip cord 12cm
Weight 15g
Power Supply AC100-110V (U-110CHIBI)
AC220-240V (U-220CHIBI)
Available Channels UHF-A, UHF-B, UHF-C
D/E/F Channel Not Available
P/Q Channel Not available
Mic. Effective Range 15m from center
Average Transmitting Range
(Cities - Suburbs / At line of sight)
Output Power 10mW