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Long Term Transmitter for Room Monitoring


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UPX-40 is one of the best choice for the users who need wider transmission range. Output power is two times higher than other tramsitters and that promises users more secure and stable remote monitoring of the target.
  1. Long Transmission Range. 200-250m in a crowded city like Tokyo. More than 500m in an open area. Approx. 1km in the desert.
  2. Easy Operation.
  3. Break proof design.
Caution: This is not water proof. Do not put it in the water.Caution: This is not water proof. Do not put it in the water.


Product Name UPX-40
Size 30 x 21 x 68 (71)mm
Weight 115g (with alkaline batteries)
Antenna Φ3 x 220mm, 3g
Power Supply "006P9V" (6F22/6LR61) battery x 1
Battery Life Approx. 40h (alkaline)
Available Channels UHF-A, UHF-B, UHF-C
D/E/F Channel OK
P/Q Channel Not Available
Mic. Effective Range 15m from center
Average Transmitting Range
(Cities - Suburbs / At line of sight)
250 - 500m
Output Power 20mW