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UHF Rechargable Transmitter

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  • URX-40 is a rechargable audio transmitter. 3.7V/400mAh battery built-in. Battery life is nearlly 60 hours from
    fully charged status.
  • Easy operation. Just attach antenna and turn on the power. It stars working.
  Note:Do not use quick charger. It damage the device.
  Note:Transmitting range gradually become shorter as power consumed. And transmitting range changes under
      various conditions.
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URX-40 works with following receivers.
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Product Name URX-40
Dimensions Main body 62 x 34 x 14.5mm、Antenna Ø2.7 x 220mm
Weiht Main body 118g、Antenna 3g
Power Source 3.7V / 400mAh Lithium battery
Battery Life / Chage Time Approx. 60hrs / 1hr
Transmitting Channel UHF-A, UHF-B, UHF-C
Mic Effective Range 15m radius
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URX-40、Antenna、microUSB cable (for charging)

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